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Safety is all about people and connecting Organisations with the best Safety Professionals that the market has to offer.

Our priority is to understand your business needs, so that we can deliver high quality, cost effective and practical safety solutions.

Health and Safety


Safety Leadership is essential for the development of a strong safety culture in any organisation. Safe Operations Group can show what safety leadership means with the selection of the right Safety Consultant for your Organisation whether for short term or long term projects or on a casual basis to meet your level of demand.

Our people will have a positive impact on those individuals within your workplace that are at the greatest risk of injury due to the work being performed.

Hazards in the workplace can be eliminated by good risk management practices which should be incorporated into an organisations Safety Management System. 

Good risk management practices involve identifying, assessing and mitigating risk, followed by a regular review of the effectiveness of the controls implemented.

At Safe Operations Group we offer a free no obligation workplace review to provide a “health check” on your current risk management process.

A compliance audit can assist your organisation to determine if your workplace practices are complying with current OHS Legislation and can be a proactive way of preventing an injury in the workplace from occurring.
At Safe Operations Group we offer a low introductory offer for new clients of a compliance audit relative to your area of operations for a low fee of $330.00 (inc GST).

This will provide your organisation with a baseline of the performance and effectiveness of your current Health and Safety Management System.

The Health and Safety aspects of project tendering can provide challenges for some organisations.

At Safe Operations Group we offer a project tendering service that can be tailored to suit your organisation needs.

This can be a very challenging area for organisations to manage and your obligations under OHS Legislation are not absolved due to engaging the services of a contractor.

Contractors must be provided with a clear understanding of the requirements whilst on site at your workplace and they must have their own safe systems of work in place.

At Safe Operations Group we provide that support to review and assess Contractors safe systems of work, assist in the development of a contractor management process that demonstrates due diligence and provides a practical tool to manage contractors.

At Safe Operations Group we offer a introductory offer to new clients, a review of current contractor safety management systems at the low fee of $330.00 (inc GST).


Safe Operations Group is committed to providing professional safety services especially tailored to suit your organisations requirements to assist in making Australian workplaces, safer places to work.

We focus on practical, effective solutions to make a positive change in workplace Health and Safety.

Our network of safety professionals provide a practical and coordinated approach to managing workplace Health and Safety, allow us the opportunity to assist your organisation by taking up one of our low introductory offers to new clients, to suit your Health and Safety requirements.

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